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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

13th DeSUS congress: Ljubo Jasnič elected as President


Our Slovenian member, Demokratična stranka upokojencev Slovenije, held its 13th congress this weekend in Ljubljana to elect a new president.

Ljubo Jasnič, the party’s former Secretary General, was elected President with 54 out of 117 votes. Mag. Julijana Bizjak Mlakar, the former Slovenian Minister of Culture, was elected Vice-President.

"I see your vote as a vote for the unity and values of DeSUS," Ljubo Jasnič said in his acceptance speech, "and also for doing everything possible to get back into Parliament in the next elections". Jasnič also said that it was important that relations between the party and the parliamentary group were in order. "Only then can the parliamentary group be expected to take the party's positions into account in the debate and vote in parliament," he said. In Jasnić's view, the party needs to clarify which values in society it still supports and which it rejects. "Then it will be easier to decide which government moves we will and will not support," he added.