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60th anniversary of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), time to celebrate and look forward

Theme - Agriculture

2022 marks the 60th anniversary of the common agricultural policy (CAP), one of the cornerstones of the European project that has provided EU citizens with a wide variety of high-quality food at affordable prices for decades. Sixty years since its birth, the original CAP objectives remain valid; food security and affordability, fair living standards for farmers and stable and reliable markets are more important than ever.

The recent crisis and international developments, such as the Covid-19 pandemic or the Russian invasion of Ukraine, have shown the importance of having a strong European policy able to ensure food production while maintaining, at the same time, some of the highest safety standards in the world. Looking to the future, the CAP is at a crucial turning point.

The new policy, that aims at enhancing the transition towards a more sustainable, resilient and fairer food production; will be a key tool in the achievement of the European Green Deal objectives contributing therefore to the environmental, economic and social sustainability of food production in the EU.

EDP Executive Vice-President and German MEP Ulrike MÜLLER (Freie Wähler), coordinator of Renew Europe in the Parliamentary Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development, welcomed on this anniversary day: "From its onset, a main objective of the CAP has been to ensure food security. We should not forget this goal and implement the new CAP in a way to maintain food availability and affordability while improving the sustainability of the agricultural sector. I think that the new CAP provides a good framework to achieve this.”