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A new lease of life for cultural Europe

Theme - Culture

Yesterday, the European Parliament yesterday gave its final approval to launch the Creative Europe and Erasmus + programmes for the period 2021-2027. Our French MEP Laurence Farreng (MoDem), Renew Europe coordinator of the Culture and Education Committee (CULT), succeeded in putting her mark on these two decisive texts.

At a time when student mobility has been severely curtailed and the world of culture has suffered from the health restrictions linked to Covid-19, this is a strong signal from Europe to its citizens: our European identity depends on culture and education!

The new Erasmus + programme aims to double the number of beneficiaries in 7 years. In order to achieve this, the budget will be doubled from 14.7 billion euros for the previous period to 28 billion for the period 2021-2027. The programme will also aim to better take into account individual and specific constraints (disability, geographical distance, economic or social difficulties) when calculating scholarships, while also providing concrete support measures for those concerned. Lastly, European cooperation in the field of academic and vocational training will be strengthened: by mapping out a path towards the creation of inter-European campuses or centres of excellence for apprenticeships and vocational training, Erasmus + aims to pave the way for genuinely European diplomas.

MEP Farreng, shadow rapporteur on the Erasmus + programme, declared: “Neither social condition, financial difficulties, distance from major urban centres, or disability should prevent anyone from benefiting from Erasmus +: the European Parliament fought for it, and that is our promise with this new programme.10 million people will benefit from Erasmus + in the next 7 years. Whether you are an apprentice, a high school student, an adult learner, a trainer, a student, a teacher, a trainee, you should be able to benefit from this life-changing experience and develop your skills.”

In the future, the programme will also cover activities in non-EU countries.

Europe Creative, the only European programme entirely dedicated to cultural and creative actors, aims to make culture accessible to as many people as possible, for example by funding the distribution of European films, the translation of literary works or the holding of European Heritage Days. With a budget increased by 800 million euros compared to the previous period, it will foster the European cultural revival with more than 2.2 billion euros on the coming years. Our MEPs are particularly proud to have the Creative Europe programme, which supports culture and audio-visual sectors, focus on inclusion and gender equality.

Laurence Farreng (MoDem): "After these dark months for culture, the vote on the Europe Creative program is a hope. This European funding will offer artists, creators, authors from all over Europe, new perspectives and new objectives: more inclusion, a fairer representation of women, and advances for greener and more sustainable productions," the French MEP said.