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Association of Italians of Romania: successful re-election for Andi-Gabriel Grosaru

Andi Grosaru
Gérald Talpaert

On Sunday 6 December 2020, Romania had its Parliamentary elections.

EDP member Association of Italians of Romania was running. Our Romanian member secured the position of its incumbent deputy from the Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Romania – Andi-Gabriel Grosaru, the General Secretary of the Association of Italians of Romania. It was a campaign that went on during the pandemic and which witnessed an impressive mobilisation of the Italian minority of Romania, as shown by the result.

Andi Grosaru had an electoral campaign that underlined the importance of culture and education meant to increase the visibility of the Italian minority of Romania on both the national and European arena. Sharing the same values as the EDP - the values of respect for human dignity, rule of law, freedom, equality, solidarity and responsibility – he and RO.AS.IT have consistently supported the development of pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, respect for national and linguistic minorities, equality between men and women, and investment in youth and education. A supporter of the digitalisation of Romania he is aware of the great challenges ahead, as the Romanian Parliament is going to have a key role to play in preparing the Green and digital transition, following the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.