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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

European Democrats are committed to supporting Ukraine, fighting Putin and strengthening the European economy

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Members of the Presidency of the European Democratic Party (EDP), met online today to confirm their support for the Ukrainian people as they face the violence of Vladimir Putin.

François Bayrou, EDP President, stressed that: "President Zelensky's courage honours the commitment of a statesman, up to the challenge of history. And I am proud that European leaders have taken decisive steps."

The EDP Presidency voiced its full support for the important EU sanctions to isolate Putin's Russia economically - they are necessary and Europe must continue to show Putin that violence and war have a price. At this time of high tension, we also discussed the economic and human impact of this war in Ukraine.

We must seize this historic moment to urge the European Union - which is showing strong unity - to take the important decisions we have been waiting for on defence, energy and political union. It is also necessary to organise a compensation mechanism for the economies and industries that will suffer particularly from the sanctions and to launch a specific programme for energy. Our future is at stake, the political issue of protecting democracy, our values and our vital interests is much bigger and stronger than the economic consequences that will also exist for Europe.

In the run-up to the Informal Summit of Heads of State and Government in France on 10-11 March 2022, European Democrats call for a new European growth and investment model that takes into account our political priorities, the importance of European defence and reflects our values. The Stability and Growth Pact should not only be about setting criteria for debts and sanctions, but should also reflect a real strategy for a more political governance of the Eurozone and the Union's economic policies.

As Europe recovers from the Covid-19 crisis and deploys its economic strength by sanctioning Russia, it is more important than ever to invest in key sectors and thus stimulate our European economic growth and accelerate the energy transition towards the Green Deal and without being dependent on a single supplier.

We have been advocating a new model of growth and investment in Europe for years because it is the basis for European economic sovereignty. It starts with a reform of the Stability and Growth Pact which must be reviewed before 2023 and adapted to the new geopolitical challenges we face.