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Frédéric Petit supporting the peaceful Belarusian opposition in exile in Vilnius

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uzhursky -

Frédéric Petit, Deputy Secretary General of the European Democratic Party, visited Vilnius on Monday 25 October to continue his work in support of the peaceful Belarusian opposition in exile in the Lithuanian capital. He met again with Svietlana Tsikhanouskaya's team to make progress on the organisation of European "interparliamentary" forums dedicated to the resolution of the Belarusian crisis and the ongoing dialogue with the opposition. They also discussed the need for mediation between the opposition in exile and the current regime, as he has been saying for more than a year: this crisis will resemble the last years of Solidarnosc and will have to end with a Round Table.

He also met with Mantas Adomenas, Lithuania's Deputy Foreign Minister, who confirmed his country's concerns about the hybrid war declared by the Belarusian dictator on Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. He reminded him that this was an aggression against the countries of the European Union above all.

Later, he met Nicolas de Bouillane de Lacoste, former French Ambassador in Minsk, who had to leave the Belarusian capital in October because he refused to give his credentials to an illegitimate president. He met a very courageous man, a faithful servant of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of France's interests, a man with a great culture of state. While his mission in Minsk was perilous, he honoured his position by attending the mock trials of political prisoners to mark France's presence with the opponents and the oppressed. Frédéric Petit will now work closely with him to find solutions to this crisis, which is getting bogged down.