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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

Hubert Aiwanger elected as FREIE WÄHLER’s top candidate ahead of federal elections

Leader Freie Wähler Aiwanger
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Today, the German member of the EDP, the Freie Wähler (Free Voters) party, appointed its federal chairman Hubert Aiwanger as top candidate for the federal elections in September. Hubert Aiwanger, Bavaria's deputy prime minister and Bavarian minister for economy, regional development, and energy, sees the odds of his party crossing the electoral threshold at 50:50.

"I am convinced that we will succeed [in entering the Bundestag] because Germany needs the Freie Wähler, because in the times we live in today, times of insecurity and polarisation, we need the centre," the Bavarian minister said.

He also pointed to the experience on a local level that the Freie Wähler would bring to Berlin: "We, the Freie Wähler, have been taking responsibility at the municipal level for decades, more recently also at the regional level with our presence in three regional parliaments, and the fact that we are one of the governing parties in Bavaria," Hubert Aiwanger said.

But it is above all its centrist position that could make the Freie Wähler an attractive coalition partner, according to its front runner: “Other [political parties] polarise and give citizens a feeling of insecurity rather than security - the Freie Wähler have always been obliged to organise their majorities in the political centre. We are not a fringe party that grabs five, ten or more percent of votes with populist issues, but in the end has the problem that nobody wants to talk to them which means it can’t act. In this respect, the entry of the FW into the Bundestag would therefore be a unique opportunity to think about new coalitions in the political centre. With us Freie Wähler, it is possible to look for majorities in the centre that bring the country together."

The Freie Wähler’s programme focuses on a pension reform fit for the future, the preservation of rural agriculture and the fight against climate change with hydrogen at national level as an important element.

You can watch Hubert Aiwanger's entire speech (in German) below.