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Let's #SeaYourSolutions to combat marine litter!


Last week, our French MEP Catherine Chabaud (MoDem) launched the hashtag #SeaYourSolutions to share solutions combatting marine litter more easily.

Catherine Chabaud, who has been committed to preserving the sea and coastline for years, recently authored a parliamentary report on the impact of marine litter on fisheries. .

The former journalist has made the protection of the oceans a major collective challenge and the promotion of solutions such as experimentation the driving force behind her commitments. Hence the decision to launch this call for solutions intended to bring together a wide range of stakeholders.

Thus, by using #SeaYourSolutions, anyone with a possible solution or idea - local authorities, companies, associations, citizens - are called upon to share them, in order to finally put an end to the waste that is being poured into the oceans. Through this wide circulation of ideas, the aim is to focus on the systemic problem of marine pollution, by creating a virtuous circle of creativity and ambition that mutually enforce each other.

From the eco-design of waste to better treatment of wastewater treatment plants, via more intelligent waste collection, there are many existing solutions or projects, but they need to be promoted, copied, and supported in their development. 80% of the waste that ends up in the sea today comes from the land. To tackle this systemic problem, Catherine Chabaud seeks, through her action, to join forces in the fight against marine pollution, by encouraging the exchange and dissemination of projects and solutions.

The solutions shared using #SeaYourSolutions will be put on the MEP's website under the heading « Cap sur l’avenir » and everyone is invited to share them on their own social networks. Spread the word and let’s #SeaYourSolutions!