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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

Many-tentacled China and Western fortress

Jean Marie Beaupuy

Last week, Hungarians and Poles blocked the signing of a European agreement when China announced a major trade deal with 20 countries, including Japan and Australia. China has been developing an expansionist policy for years. Having become the world's factory over the decades, it now operates in all directions. It wants to absorb Hong Kong, Taiwan and several islands. After the United States, it has the second largest military budget in the world. It extends over three continents with the Silk Roads. It has set up more than ten thousand companies in Africa where it produces 50% of the large equipment. It is making rapid progress in terms of depollution. It is setting up space technologies that are now efficient, etc.

In the West, the United States is withdrawing economically, politically and militarily. The Brits are leaving the continent without knowing with whom they are going to ally themselves. The European Union's recovery plan is blocked by three countries while our economies collapse. To crown this situation, the Chinese have emerged from the Covid crisis when we wonder how to avoid a third lockdown! In this context, France must be, with Germany, the driving force of Europe. Admittedly, we are not the best pupils in the class, but we must not allow ourselves to be locked up in daily life and withdrawal into ourselves. Yes, we must, at the European level, build efficient industries - continue the effort in the space field - develop our research budgets - regain a political and economic foothold in Africa - find the means to control the Gafas, etc.

The French and Europeans who wish to close their borders and who take pleasure in flattering their electorate are condemned to lose their independence even though they claim to want to develop their sovereignty.

Without arrogance but with determination, the France of the Age of Enlightenment must once again trace the contours of a new society that preserves Nature and values the human being in all its physical, intellectual and spiritual dimensions.

This, in conjunction with our European allies. Europe's motto is Unity in Diversity. To keep our identities, local, regional, national, European, let us therefore be stronger united in the face of Chinese imperialism.

Jean Marie Beaupuy