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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

'RePower EU' plan is a roadmap to ensure EU’s climate neutrality and energy independence from Russia


European Democrats welcome the new set of RePowerEU legislative proposals announced today by the European Commission, which aims to launch a joint European action for more affordable, secure and sustainable energy, essential both to speed up the green transition and to ensure the EU's energy independence from all Russian energy imports.

Leading the path to an era of green energy at affordable prices requires accelerating the deployment of renewables. In this regard, European Democrats embrace the Commission’s initiative intended to speed up renewables permits and grid infrastructure improvements. Likewise, European Democrats advocate for stepping up efforts to achieve the energy efficiency goals.

The European green transition must leave no one behind. To achieve this, European Democrats fully support an ambitious implementation of the Social Climate Fund, a key EU instrument to support vulnerable households, transport users and micro-enterprises to cope with the consequences of increasing energy costs and fuel prices, thus lifting citizens out of energy poverty.

Finally, as far as supply is concerned, European Democrats appreciate the Commission’s proposal to increase gas storage for next winter and calls for a concrete 10-year plan for Europe to achieve full security of energy supply, its diversification and independence. This plan should include clear short and medium term milestones, aiming at full independency from all Russian energy imports no later than 2027.

French MEP Christophe Grudler (Mouvement Démocrate), Renew Europe’s Shadow on Renewable Energy Directive, declared:“This new set of proposals was more than necessary to strengthen our independence from the Russian imports and the achievement of our EU Green Deal. It shows that the EU's energy transition goes hand in hand with our security of supply, with a more ambitious target for renewable energy accompanied with long-awaited regulatory measures. I am particularly thinking of the measures dedicated to the deployment of a resilient renewable hydrogen market. Let's get ready now to reinforce our energy autonomy".