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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

Restoring the political project of Europe

Soazig de la Moissonnière

The European Democratic Party, reaffirmed today 30 November 2016 in Brussels, the priorities of its political action. About hundred delegates from 17 European countries proclaimed the vocation and the raison d'être of the EDP as the promoter of a deep European refoundation.

For Co-President Francois Bayrou (France), "at a time when the world and Europe must face the populistic waves, it is interesting that we are a party that believes in the conscience and responsibility of the citizens". "The end of Europe is possible," admitted Francesco Rutelli. That is why the European Democrats, clearly and sincerely pro-European, call for a cooperative and collaborative upsurge and European convergence, by associating citizens and institutions. The objective is to effectively involve citizens in the European institutional set-up and have them participate in discussions prior to decisions being taken.

"It is urgent to re-enchant Europe, we must put the social and the human at the heart of the European project" declared MEP Claude Rolin (Belgium). "Populism is on the offensive because it has seized upon some flags that were democratic standards, the fight against social inequalities, the fight against corruption. There were our battles, and they made them their own! " exclaimed his Portuguese colleague Antonió Marinho e Pinto.

The Secretary General Marielle de Sarnez criticised the "accounting approach" of the European institutions, which should not "be there just to tell us what deficits we can or can not do". "We have not worked all these years just to create a model that would only be a market. Europe must be a political project. We must restore that project, it is the meaning of our commitment with the EDP", she concluded.

The EDP Council also approved the new Presidency, composed as follows:

  • Co-Presidents: François Bayrou (France) and Francesco Rutelli (Italy)
  • Vice-Presidents Marios Georgiadis (Greece), Marian Harkin (Ireland), Nicos Koutsou (Cyprus), Antonió Marinho e Pinto (Portugal), Ulrike Müller (Germany), Andoni Ortuzar (Basque Country), Andrzej Potocki (Poland), Gianluca Susta (Italy)
  • Secretary General: Marielle de Sarnez (France)
  • General Delegate: Gérard Deprez (Belgium)
  • Deputy Secretaries-General: Luigi Cocilovo (Italy), Marina Demetriou (Cyprus), José Félix Merladet (Basque Country)
  • Treasurer: Jean Marie Beaupuy (France)