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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

The future of European youth debated before the EYCS Council by the Renew ministers for education and culture

Renew ECYS

The ALDE Party and Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament hosted the first ever meeting of liberal ministers responsible for education, youth, culture and sport ahead of the EYCS Council on 5 April 2022.

The participants discussed and shared views on the items on the EYCS Council agenda, such as crisis management in the field of education and youth mobility.

French MEP and coordinator for the Culture and Education Committee Laurence Farreng (MoDem) mentioned: "the need to make better use of common tools in case of crisis (pandemic, war) and to use the funds made available (such as CRII +, REACT EU) also for support to distance learning, school infrastructures etc. In the case of Ukraine, many European initiatives have been put in place for pupils and students (notably the flexibilities introduced in Erasmus +, ESF+ and European Solidarity Corps) but which are not known to the young Ukrainians coming in, and not yet known either to the local authorities who manage these funds - so it is necessary to speed up their implementation and dissemination."