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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

"Thinking Liberal and Democratic"

pensre liberale e democratico

This Tuesday, 19 April, our Renew Europe MEP Sandro Gozi and secretary-general of the EDP inaugurated in Bologna a conference with the theme "thinking liberal and democratic", hosted by Stefano Mazzetti.

"Overcoming the old traditional divisions" is the concept that Gozi reaffirms today, an idea he already had the opportunity to reiterate years ago, showing how this foundation is essential to transform Europe, dissociating from the concept of national homeland to embrace that of European homeland. On the other hand, he sided with Ukraine without hesitation, reiterating how "we are for even stronger sanctions against Russia and we are for assisting the Ukrainians" as a fundamental choice of democracy and civilisation.

During his speech, Gozi also reminded us of the importance of the French elections, not only for France itself but for the whole of Europe and how "we, the EDP, Renew and liberals, also in Italy stand with the one who is today the main European leader and friend of Italy: Emmanuel Macron". If Macron wins, Europe changes. If Macron loses, Europe ends.

Mr Di Maio spoke about how "we need to give our citizens the power to choose, make the citizen the arbiter of the democratic political game". He also explained that being liberal means "respecting diversity while respecting common rules". "Secularism is how we give legitimacy and value to all religious beliefs".

Another protagonist of the evening was MEP Nicola Danti, who reiterated how in his opinion, "the Ukrainian crisis will lead in the coming weeks and months to Europe moving forward decisively on many aspects. Europe will play its part".

We want to thank all the speakers at the conference: lawyer Andrea Pruiti Ciarello of the Luigi Einaudi Foundation, Senator Laura Garavini of Italia Viva, Professor Paolo Pombeni of the University of Bologna, President of the Reggio Emilia Notary Council Maura Manghi, Linkiesta journalist Mario Lavia, Professor Charlotte Galland, live from Ukraine the Member of Parliament and V. President of the Commission for European Integration Vadym Halaichuk.