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"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

Ulrike Müller presents draft report on EU Forestry Strategy


Today, 16 March, German MEP Ulrike Müller presented her draft report on the new EU Forestry Strategy to the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. 

Making forests and foresters fit for the future

Ulrike Müller, the rapporteur of the economic potential of forestry with biodiversity and climate objectives, emphasises the multiple functions of forests and the pressures on them. She has based her draft on four principles:

  • Multifunctionality
  • Sustainable management
  • The supporting role of forest owners and forest farmers
  • The principle of subsidiarity 

Multifunctionality and sustainability 

"In a sense, forests have grown into multifunctionality and provide many different ecosystem services, sustainable alternatives to environmentally and climate-damaging products as well as clean water and good air. They provide homes for animal and plant species, protect against natural disasters, provide recreation, create employment and income." 

Local know-how for real global added value

Ulrike Müller places great trust in the owners and foresters as partners of policy and guarantors of sustainability. "They know the conditions on the ground and contribute valuable experience. An EU forestry strategy must therefore not be over-regulatory but must empower these key partners to implement the diverse objectives and overcome difficult challenges flexibly." 

Forests of the future

"Europe needs the forest strategy to reconcile very different policy objectives and expectations. We parliamentarians must now turn our attention to the implementation of the strategy, formulate our expectations and set guard rails." 

The EU wants to establish a bio-based circular economy and become climate neutral by 2050. Forests, forestry, and downstream industries are central in this undertaking.