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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

EDP Council meeting

name council

Unanimous adoption of the minutes of the Councils of 5 May and 28 June

Unanimous adoption of the changes in the statutes

  • in order to comply with the new legal obligations imposed by Belgian law,
  • proposed by the General Secretariat, including :
    • to add a common practice: meeting between our MEPs to coordinate (art. 5)
    • to replace the term "Council" by "Congress" in order to avoid the misinterpretation that the Council is a Board of Directors
    • to simplify the membership categories with the main changes being: affiliate members: political organisations within the EU that are not political parties; observers: political parties outside the EU or parties wishing to " learn about " the EDP. And the addition of registered supporter members for people who are active but elected representatives. Observer and registered supporter members do not have the right to vote. (art. 7)

Adoption unanimously to give power of attorney to Sandro Gozi concerning the further steps related to the statutory changes, and to our lawyer and notary.

Unanimous adoption of the membership of Italia Viva as a member party, of Marie-Christine Marghem as an individual member and Ivo Kaplan as an registered supporter member.

Unanimous vote for the following members of the Presidency:

  • President: François BAYROU (France)
  • Executive Vice-Presidents: Andoni ORTUZAR (Basque Country) and Ulrike MÜLLER (Germany)
  • Vice-Presidents : Karl ERJAVEC (Slovenia), Marios GEORGIADIS (Greece), Marian HARKIN (Ireland), António MARINHO E PINTO (Portugal), Andrzej POTOCKI (Poland) and Gianluca SUSTA (Italy)
  • Secretary General: Sandro GOZI (Italy)
  • General Delegate: Gérard DEPREZ (Belgium)
  • Deputy General Secretaries: Marina DEMETRIOU (Cyprus), Jose Maria ETXEBARRIA (Basque Country), Frédéric PETIT (France), Istvan SERTO-RADICS (Hungary)
  • Treasurer: Jean Marie BEAUPUY (France)
  • Representatives of the European Parliament national delegations: Engin EROGLU (Germany), Izaskun BILBAO BARANDICA (Basque Country), Sylvie BRUNET (France), Nicola DANTI (Italy), Corina CRETU (Romania)
  • Honorary President: Nicos KOUTSOU (Cyprus)

Unanimous adoption of the provisional budget for the year 2022

Unanimous adoption of the Frankfurt Declaration.