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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

9 May: a turning point for Europe.

We're Europeans

This 9th of May marks a turning point for Europe. 70 years after the ratification of the Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community, but also 70 years after the signing of the European Defence Community (EDC), the European Union has undergone important changes in the last 2 years, but European Democrats are calling for new Rubicons to be crossed.

After common debt, a common commitment on European defence, a common purchase of vaccines and the transfer of patients between Member States, the EU must go further and the Ukrainian tragedy highlights the need for a profound reform of the Union and a new strategy to ensure the promotion of democracy and collective security in the European continent.  

In the face of the current challenges affecting all Europeans and taking place on our borders, our humanist values must be reflected in the fields of energy, health, culture and many others, as well as responding to the humanitarian emergency. Europe has made a formidable demonstration of moral resilience, but it must now become a true democratic, digital, industrial and military power.

The Europe of 2030 will have to focus on shared sovereignty, recovery and democratic ownership.  With two years to go before important European elections, on the eve of the first truly European elections with transnational lists, Europe has finally made progress. We must give a double democratic choice to citizens who must be able to vote directly for European parties and new mechanisms for citizen participation.

European Democrats wants to go further. Without real transnational political parties, we will never have a fully-fledged democracy and a transnational European political space. Without a stronger and better recognised regional and local dimension, the EU cannot make good decisions. The European Parliament must therefore start the process of treaty reform, implement the necessary changes and thus reaffirm active subsidiarity with increased participation of national parliaments and the Committee of the Regions alongside the European Parliament.

Humanism is not only achieved through decisions at European level but also through the defence and promotion of our differences within Europe and the protection of our regional identities and languages. So we want a European civic education, minimum levels of environmental, biodiversity and digital media education and to promote forms of engagement with a genuine European civic service for youth.