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A Europe close to its citizens: the example of mobile hospitals for isolated villages in the Pyrenees

Farreng Lasserre Poctefa
Laurence Farreng

At the beginning of February, a mobile hospital, the first to operate on a cross-border basis in Europe, was set up in 40 minutes at Oronoz Mugaire in Navarre (Spain). This equipment is part of the European project EGALURG, which aims to guarantee equal access to healthcare in disaster or emergency situations for isolated populations on either side of the Pyrenees. On site, it was used for vaccination against Covid-19.

Under the aegis of the European project POCTEFA, these medical units are financed by the European Union ( photo of MEP Laurence Farreng and MoDem MP Florence Lasserre at the inauguration of a mobile unit in Bayonne (France)).



According to French MEP Sylvie Brunet (MoDem): "If there is one lesson we can learn from the crisis we are going through, it is that we can no longer face the challenges of our time alone, the European Union is the relevant level". The vice-president of the Renew Group particularly welcomes this project as "a concrete example of the benefits of the European Union in the daily life of European citizens and its relevance in responding to cross-border challenges".

For Basque MEP Izaskun Bilbao Barandica (PNV): "The European Union wins renown when it demonstrates its usefulness" and this project is an example of this: "This mobile health infrastructure is an example of Europe's usefulness and its closeness to citizens' needs. There is too much noise in institutional politics. So much so that sterile disputes hide the fact that there is a powerful machine at work providing high-quality services to citizens every day. Services organised, financed and delivered on the basis of empathy and solidarity.

This helps to improve the quality of life for all Europeans. And in particular for those who need support most. This is how we deliver services that, in the midst of a pandemic, change people's lives for the better, even in the smallest and most isolated villages.

This is just one more example of how, by acting together, we are able to overcome many obstacles, to build, to help, to heal, to immunize, to reinvent ourselves, to create hope. This is the mindset we need to get out of this crisis."