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Basques and Galicians vote for their next Parliament

Next Sunday (12/07), Basque and Galician citizens will vote for their next Parliament. Our members, EAJ-PNV in the Basque Country and Commitment to Galicia in Galicia, will take part in these elections.

In the Basque country, Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu is standing for re-election for a third term. Our member party has 28 incumbents. Bakartxo Tejeria, speaker of the Basque Parliament present the key values and principles followed by the party during this particular campaign after the Covid Crisis : for a Basque Country that owns its future!

In Galicia, our member party is part of the Marea Galeguista coalition led by Pancho Casal. This alliance has 4 incumbent regional deputies. The leader of our Galician party Juan-Carlos Piñeiro, Milagros Corral and Pancho Casal present the importance of these elections: For a fair & sustainable Galicia in Europe! 

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