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François Bayrou: "A great opportunity for the United States and for the world!

Following the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States and the historic election of Kamala Harris as the country's first female Vice President, the European Democratic Party welcomes this result.
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Croatians to vote for their next Parliament

Bumble Dee /

Next Sunday (05/07), Croatian citizens will vote for their next Parliament. 151 members of the Croatian Parliament will be elected. Our member in Croatia, NS-Reformisti, will participate in these elections.

The President of NS-Reformisti and prefect of the Varazdin region Radimir Čačić tops the list of his party in the third constituency – Northern Croatia – followed by the Vice-President Natalija Martinčević.

In the sixth constituency which elected a NS-Reformisti MP at the last elections Darinko Dumbović, NS-Reformisi runs in coalition with Restart Coalition. This coalition gathers social-democrat, liberal and regionalist parties and is led by Social Democrat and leader of the Opposition, Davor Bernardić (Social Democratic Party (SDP)). Darinko Dumbović is on the tenth position of the list.

Follow the campaign in the third constituency here.