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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

“Europe won’t be Europe if citizens aren’t contributing to it.”

Josune Gorospe

In the third part of our series on the Conference on the Future of Europe, the third EDP-member to the Conference, Josune Gorospe (EAJ-PNV), calls for people to get involved. Josune Gorospe, who is a Basque MP in the Spanish Parliament, recorded her video message in Basque.

“Our party, the EAJ-PNV, is very excited about the Conference and we’ve been working on our proposals for some time – they are on our website if you want to read them,” she said. But ultimately, there was no doubt about whose involvement is needed for this citizen-led Conference. „It is up to everyone to make proposals”, Josune Gorospe emphasised. “Europe won’t be Europe if citizens aren’t contributing to it.” And: “time is running out. The time to make contributions and proposals is now.”

Asked which topics she most wanted to focus on, the MP said: “Firstly, the EU should take into account that there are more languages than the 24 official languages and that if it wants to listen to the citizens, it should take into account that many of us speak other official languages, Basque for example. Secondly, the EU cannot turn its back on political problems that arise within its member states. That is why we, the EAJ-PNV, want a European "Clarity directive" [that would allow stateless nations to consult their citizens with open channels of negotiation on their future]".

Looking ahead, Josune Gorospe identified the next steps for the Conference: “The next step will be to make proposals in the working groups. You, the citizens, are the axis, but there are working groups on different topics and we will prioritise the topics of democracy in Europe, values, rights, education, language, culture, youth and sport...”, she said.

Her closing words were a rallying cry for everyone to participate in this unique, citizen-centred event: “We encourage all of you to make use of this opportunity, especially young people. Young people: the future of Europe is in your hands!”, the Basque MP said and added: “Europe is counting on us.”