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François Bayrou: "A great opportunity for the United States and for the world!

Following the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States and the historic election of Kamala Harris as the country's first female Vice President, the European Democratic Party welcomes this result.
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François Bayrou, new High Commissioner for Planning in France

François Bayrou
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Our President, François Bayrou, has been appointed High Commissioner for Planning in France, a position that the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, has wanted. He was the guest of Jean-Jacques Bourdin in the morning BFM TV/RMC on Thursday 3 September to explain this new role.

You will find parts of this interview below.

Is this an answer to the dictatorship of the moment?

This is exactly, to the word, the right definition. We are living, you are living, you are one of the major players, with the sole concern of the immediate, the snapshot, the scandal, the incident, the indictment, what are we going to do?

I wrote in one of my books: The Chinese rule for the next 30 years and sometimes we don't even rule for 30 days.

We Western countries and we France.

This is vital for France. What the French experienced during this epidemic was not only that we weren't ready, we didn't have the masks, we didn't have the respirators, the tests, we weren't ready, all these things.

But, unexpectedly, we discovered with amazement that we no longer had any anaesthetic products for the operations, the famous curare, there was no more of it in France or in Europe. We had no more antibiotics, we had no more corticoids, we didn't even have Doliprane, paracetamol, we didn't even have any product for cancer treatments.

These families of products that are vital for France, which is a great medical country, a great country of pharmacy, well, all of a sudden, supplies were out of stock.

So can a country like ours and a union like the European Union, because all this obviously concerns all the countries of the European Union, such as the one we have built up over the generations, be so dependent on external supplies that we do not control and which, in a crisis, disappear?

This plan is also a plan for economic patriotism.

It is a plan for independence.

Basically, we must aim at three goals, we must aim at the independence of the country and, for me, this is no different from the independence of the European Union, there are productions which are vital productions and which we no longer assume, which we let go because the internal arbitrations within the companies or the arbitrations of those who own the companies judged that, for the company, it was interesting to sell, which I understand very well. But the responsibility of the State is to ensure that it is the general interest that is taken into account and not only the particular interests of companies.

Firstly, independence.

Secondly, prosperity. We cannot live with breakdowns in production and employment like the ones we've seen.

And thirdly, for all this, a project for society must, in my opinion, be a project for justice, because you feel that this works for French society, as it does in other countries.

Is what we do fair or is it only for the benefit of a few?

This concern must be placed at the heart of our considerations, a series of questions that are never talked about, never dealt with, and my mission will be to defend them in the public debate.


For example, the subjects of industrial independence that I mentioned just now, we all live with electronic objects. We are incapable of ensuring the production of the electronic elements that are indispensable to all the objects we have before us.

If, one day, there is a disruption in supply, we will face an incredible crisis.

In my opinion, the most exemplary decision taken by the European Union is Galileo.

We all have GPS in our cars, the GPS locates your position in relation to satellites. Until about two years ago, these GPS were all American.

It only required an external decision to cut off the signal, we had no more possibilities to control our cars, our tanks, our planes, etc.

We have built the equivalent of the American satellites with a European system that makes us independent, called Galileo.

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