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Looking back on the week of our parliamentary delegation in Washington DC

It is particularly important for Democrats on both sides to work more closely together.

Josune Gorospe, EAJ-PNV MP - Member of the Conference on the Future of Europe

Josune Gorospe

Josune Gorospe, who is a member of the Basque Parliament Delegation that will attend the inaugural plenary session of the Conference on the Future of Europe at the European Parliament in Strasbourg this Saturday, has promised that the "EAJ-PNV will be the voice of the Basque Country at the Conference on the Future of Europe.”

The EAJ-PNV aims to "lay the foundations for a future European Constitution and move towards a Federal Europe of shared sovereignty that gives a voice to stateless nations", the Basque MP said. "EAJ-PNV's pro-European spirit is one of the characteristics that best defines us. We played an active role in the origins of Europe, in what was the first seed of the European project, and this will also be the case now, when a new process of reflection is opened", said the MP, who also had words of thanks for the "commendable work" of the EAJ-PNV MEP Izaskun Bilbao, who has positioned herself as "a reference for the Basque Country in Europe".

With Ms. Gorospe's presence in the Basque delegation to Strasbourg, EAJ-PNV fulfils the two objectives it had set itself: to have a voice in this process of reflection and to do so by promoting gender balance in the Delegation that will be approved by the Basque Parliament. The Basque Group deputy explained that the Conference on the Future of Europe will operate on a bottom-up though which citizens will be able to contribute. All these proposals will be debated and reflected upon in the plenary sessions in which EAJ-PNV will be represented by Josune Gorospe and will culminate in the drafting of a report on them. “We want the political, cultural and linguistic diversity that exists in Europe, which makes up Europe, to really be taken into account", Ms. Gorospe summarised. “I commit to playing an active role and to dedicating all my efforts to ensuring that the voice of the Basque Country is heard firmly in Europe", she promised.

The inaugural session this Saturday can be followed live on the official pages of the Conference and on EAJ-PNV's social media.