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Op-ed by French MEP Marie-Pierre Vedrenne in Ouest-France
François Bayrou was Apolline de Malherbe's guest this Wednesday, the 1st of April at 8:35 am, on BFM TV and RMC, in the TV show Bourdin Direct.
Democracy also carries on at the European level: for the first time, the European Parliament met remotely on 26 March for a special COVID-19 session in response to the health, social and economic crisis affecting all European states and most countries in the world.
Following the Coronavirus pandemic, Hungarian government is trying to rule by decree during the state of emergency. This draft law will be staying in place indefinitely.
Beyond this period of crisis, and regardless of how we come out of it, we must be aware of this: our world will have changed profoundly, nothing will be the same as before!
With the Commission set to publish its industrial strategy on 10 March, French MEP Christophe Grudler welcomes Thierry Breton's ambition to make Europe a sovereign economic power in the 21st century.

This year could be a decisive year for gender equality in the European Union.

Vincent Chauvet, MoDem Mayor of Autun (France), has just been appointed to the Committee of the Regions, a European Union body based in Brussels and composed of local elected representatives from the 27 Member States. As the youngest French delegate and the only member of the MoDem among the 24 elected representatives representing France, he was elected Vice-President of the French delegation in February 2020.
As the debate on audiovisual reform in the French Parliament begins on Wednesday 26 February, a group of parliamentarians and public figures call for more coverage of European issues in the media in an op-ed piece on "Le Monde".
Our MEPs' speeches at the February Plenary Session