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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

New EU Barometer: State of the Union at local level

Barometer CoR
Committee of Regions

The EU’s first Regional and Local Barometer gives an overview of the state of regions and cities during this COVID-19 crisis, as they have been on the frontlines of dealing with this unprecedented crisis. The evidence-based report, produced by the European Committee of the Regions, shows how they are key to the economic recovery, and highlights the impact and measures taken

The first edition of the Barometer of Cities and Regions gives EU decision-makers, national governments, regions, cities and stakeholders a clear understanding of what this crisis means on the ground, and what its consequences are for our communities. The Barometer, which will be annual report, also aims to help guide policy choices for recovery.

It highlights some successful measures taken by some CoR members in their regions, who were confronted with health, economic, social, environmental and local democracy and governance impacts,  including Renew Europe CoR and EDP members: 

Basque Country with Maria Elorza

Basque Country launched a set of measures for EUR 586 million at the end of March, including an emergency credit line of EUR 25 million at zero cost, a EUR 500 million line of working capital guaranteed by the region at zero cost, refinancing and adaptation of the conditions on repayable advances, and funding for the development of technology and telework in small and medium-sized companies (EUR 45 million)

For more info on local and regional action(s) taken by Renew CoR members at the start of the pandemic and still ongoing, visit its COVID-19 updates page.

The Barometer will help regions and cities make their voice heard in the EU decision-making process, backing their claims with evidence and data.

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