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Post-Brexit Multiannual Financial Framework: "A serious basis for negotiation”

European Parliament

On the 2nd of May, the European Commission adopted a proposal for the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) including a system of own resources for the European Union. In response to this first basis for budgetary negotiations, the European Parliament voted this morning in favour of a resolution on this proposal.

EDP MEPs have given their support today to a European Parliament resolution, today in plenary session in Strasbourg, on the European Commission's proposals for the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027.

For the Belgian MEP and Parliamentary co-rapporteur for the Own Resources System, Gérard Deprez "This is a serious basis for negotiation"

EDP Delegate General also commented that " It is not the Europe of yesterday that must be maintained, it is the Europe of tomorrow that must be built. It is in this spirit that we strongly support the doubling or tripling of funding for an Erasmus programme extended to apprentices, the doubling of support programs for SMEs, an increase of more than 50% of appropriations to research and innovation and an unprecedented increase in funding for the management of our external borders - a common border to be managed together,"

He also welcomed the Commission's proposal "to reduce the contributions of national budgets to the financing of the Union and thus to increase the legitimacy and fiscal autonomy of the European Union ".

However, he did not hide the fact that the ALDE Group (where EDP MEPs sit) remained sceptical about the overall amount of this MFF project, as well as the timeliness and scope of cuts proposed in agricultural and cohesion policies.


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