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Rutelli: "And the "Rutelli boys" are on the field to save Italy"

Gentiloni to Europe, Franceschini to the Culture, Renzi sponsor of the new alliance... And you, Francesco Rutelli?

"I have never had jealousies and I have tried to promote people who are prepared, competent and different for political culture - replies the president of Anica, who was mayor of Rome, minister, vice-premier and founder of Margherita -. I am happy and I observe that many people today prefer the obedient, better if incompetent".

Do you not approve of the marriage of convenience between M5S and Pd?

"My criticism of skills is general and applies to many experiences. Of this new majority I think it was born overturning the popular motto, the best attack is the defence.

Will the executive of the "national reconciliation" last?

"The new government's task is to get the country out of a phase of polarization and daily confrontation. There's something good about yesterday's enemies allying with each other, as had happened between the League and M5S. You learn not to denigrate each other as the origin of all horrors and conspiracies. As for the duration, the government is at the test of governing well.

The Italians do not toast. Do they regret Salvini?

"Simon Peres told me years ago, " polls are like weather forecasts, I don't know anyone who collects them. I don't think Salvini is fascist and I remember that many leghists in the territories have been good administrators. Sooner or later he will have to take a less partisan approach, if he wants to run for the leadership of the country".

Do you like the idea of a proportional electoral law to reduce the size of the League?

"On Treccani Vocabulary, we find a neologism that I created in 2010, post-bipolarism. So yes, I agree. Throughout Europe, right-left bipolarism is exhausted and, with the domination of traditional parties vanishing, everyone must form coalitions. Sometimes they work, sometimes they fail.

Did you appreciate Mattarella's choices about the crisis?

"The Quirinal, with its exceptional resilience, stands out, shines thanks to President Mattarella, who had not hesitated after the vote to give the government to the League and 5 Stars".

Renzi was also trained in the Margherita and is one of the "Rutelli Boys". Will he pull the plug on the government?

"Renzi has a great talent and has confirmed this in recent weeks by opening up to the 5 Stars, even if he has too much ego. In this age it is difficult for a camel to pass through the eye of the ego".

Zingaretti was against it, then he united the party.

"He had to give an orderly government to the PD and he did. Now the first problem he has before him and which I hope he will be able to resolve is to guarantee pluralism. I left the party after founding it because we had returned too quickly to the physiognomy of the DS. The PD is still a question mark and Zingaretti, not having entered the government, can and must work on identity and content".

Franceschini to the Culture?

"His role shows how valuable professionalism and solid and quality experience are. He has done a lot of good to the Cultural Heritage in the past and I can tell, as president of the film industry, that he can only do it well again".

You are also a bit of a king maker for Minister Spadafora, his head of the Cultural Heritage Secretariat in 2006.

"Vincenzo has political balance and common sense and has remained faithful to his battles over civil rights, without denying them.

Can Gentiloni in Europe make a difference?

"I am happy for the quality of the Italian presence in Europe thanks to Paolo. I point out that in the photo with Ursula von der Leyen the background is the signing of the Treaty of Rome. In Brussels, in this Commission, Paolo is the only one who can say that he was at home in that room of the Capitol, where Europe was born in 1957".

You founded the Rainbow Greens: why did the centre-left leave the ecological theme to the M5S?

"The real green revolution to do is not the parade of noes, nor the litany of objectives too high and too remote for the climate. It is an impressive investment plan in the care and maintenance of the territory and the cities, which creates jobs and professions. How many tens of billions are blocked by bureaucracy and inefficiency?".

You and your wife Barbara adopted three out of four children. Should the position on immigrants coming in change?

"My family has made sheltering a reason for living. Adoptions are basically tough additions, so I know how difficult it is, but you can't just talk about immigrants coming in. This dossier must be dealt with personally by the Premier Conte, because it is a strategic matter. The fight against the trafficking of human beings is not a matter for the right, but for the Republic".

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