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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

Sandro Gozi: "Time for transnational parties to emerge"

Sandro Gozi

Interview with Sandro Gozi MEP in Il Resto del Carlino of 8 May 2021

The political profile of Sandro Gozi from Cesena, who has just been elected secretary general of the European Democratic Party, which is part of the third largest political force after the European People's Party and the European Socialist Party, takes on an increasingly international character.
53 years old, born in Sogliano, Gozi, elected three times to the Italian Parliament in the ranks of the PD, was Secretary of State in charge of European Affairs in the Renzi and Gentiloni governments. He then followed Renzi in Italia Viva. After serving for a few months as European Affairs advisor in the French Philippe II government, he became a member of the Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament on 1 February 2020, elected in the French constituency with the Renaissance list, promoted by French President Macron and En Marche.

Secretary Gozi: What is the political project of the EDP?
I am honoured to be in this position and I thank Bayrou for the trust he has placed in me. The EDP is, together with ALDE, one of the two pillars of the Renew Europe group in Brussels and Strasbourg. The project is to consolidate the process of creating a free democratic and reformist force in Europe, and I hope also in Italy, which will unite all the experiences that already work together in the European Parliament. It is a matter of aggregating and federating all the forces that identify with this democratic, reformist and ecological area, which no longer fits into the old schemes of the left and the right and is far from populism and extremism. The path indicated by President Macron.

The work of secretary de Sarnez, who was struck down by leukaemia in January, will continue.
With her I wrote `The European Urgency` in 2014. Her example, her battles for a fairer and more democratic Europe will be the guiding star that will always guide our path.

Should European parties with transnational lists for Parliament be developed to strengthen European democracy after Brexit?
Yes, and without hesitation: we need real European parties, elected directly by the citizens. We are in the midst of a Darwinian shift in political representation, and those who can adapt to the epochal changes under way will survive.

You have joined Renzi's Italia Viva. What project do you advocate?
Creating a federation of liberal and reformist central forces open to civil society, from Italia Viva to Più Europa, from Calenda's Azione to the reformists of the PD and the liberals of Forza Italia. Renew Europe is a success story, a Renew Italy (with another name probably) could be too. We have entered a new phase in Italy: we have to break out of worn-out and short-sighted schemes and show reformist courage and farsightedness".

In your book 'The Target' you call for a Draghi-Macron axis to relaunch Europe and the liberal area. Is he a cure-all for the country?
Draghi's Italy can close a twenty-year period of conflict and open a new political phase, starting from the good use of the Recovery Plan.

Gozi, where do you live now?
I split my time between Paris, Brussels and Rome, where my family lives, and when I can, I come back to greet the land of my origins, Cesena and Sogliano.

Have you become transnational even at the table?
Necessarily, but Romagna remains at the top.