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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

Sylvie Brunet, renewed as Vice President of the Renew Europe group

European Parliament

Former Director of Human Resources in the private sector, former Professor at Kedge Business School, and after 10 years at the French EESC, Sylvie Brunet is a Member of the European Parliament (MoDem in France, EDP member) since 2019.She is a member of the European Parliament's Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL), where she is Vice-Coordinator of the Renew Europe Group, as well as a substitute member of the Women's Rights Committee (FEMM). She has just been confirmed as Vice-President of the Renew Europe group as a representative of the European Democratic Party.

You have just been reappointed as Vice President of the Renew Europe group, which has recently restructured its governance, assigning specific missions to each of its Vice Presidents. What will be your new responsibilities in this role?

Yes, I am very honoured by the trust placed in me by reappointing me to this important role. Renew Europe has entrusted me with the management of human resources and the development of the skills of our teams. This is an internal function within our Renew Europe family, which is particularly close to my heart, especially for its human aspects but also because of my extensive professional experience in this field. My mission, which is more oriented towards the internal side of the group, will be able to develop in full complementarity with the new responsibilities attributed to Nicola Danti (also Vice President of Renew Europe group and EDP member) who is in charge of the more external aspects, such as relations with national parties and parliaments. This is a great opportunity for the EDP to develop within the Renew Europe family.

How do you see your duties as the EDP Vice-President of a group like Renew Europe?

The Renew group wishes to embody a new political space, a central group within the European Parliament, bringing together liberal MEPs, Democrat MEPs, pro-European MEPs, like those of Renaissance, all united around the same founding values. It is a bit like the idea of the French Maison Commune but at the level of the Parliament. In this space, each one can keep its particular focus and deploy its specificities. As far as I am concerned, it is more specifically about the EU's social priorities, the support given to the most disadvantaged, the importance of solidarity, as well as training and skills so that everyone can find their place in society, or the promotion and defence of women's rights in Europe, particularly against any form of violence or discrimination. These are the values that I defend as Vice-President within the group. At the same time, the Presidency and all the Renew Vice-Presidents are working tirelessly to develop our common space, to strengthen the cohesion of the group and to obtain the progress we all want for Europe and Europeans.

What is your impression of the first two years of experience within the EDP?

The results are very positive: the EDP is dynamic, it develops interesting political initiatives, such as our recent trip as MEPs to Washington, which enabled us to strengthen the dialogue with some of our partners in the United States, or the upcoming events in local communities to highlight the solutions found in the territories, as close to the ground as possible. At the EDP, we are also open and welcome new members and talents: we are developing our links and embodying pluralism, far from the old caricatured left-right dichotomy. I see that the EDP is also effective: we regularly win important votes in the European Parliament. This is how we will advance our vision of a strong, sovereign, open European Union, preserving our threatened environment, attached to the values that democracy offers us, as well as a fairer Europe, respectful of diversity and the difficulties experienced by the weakest. Finally, the EDP is a generator of reforms and must remain a powerful pro-European engine. We are working on this and will soon be proposing, at our next Council meeting, guidelines for a great renewal of Europe, a Europe that is sustainable, fair, supportive, competitive, dynamic and forward-looking.