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The EDP strongly expresses its full solidarity with the Cypriot Republic

The EDP strongly expresses its full solidarity with the Cypriot Republic, EU Member State since 2004, as well as with Greece, and supports the position taken by the EU Council and more recently by the European Parliament in its resolution of 13 March 2019 on the 2018 Commission Report on Turkey (2018/2150(INI)). 

In particular it condemns Turkish Government`s continued illegal actions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea and calls on the latter to cease these actions and respect the sovereign rights of Cyprus to explore and exploit its natural resources in accordance with EU and International Law. 

EDP notes with regret that the European Parliament’s previous resolution of 13 November 2014 on illegal Turkish actions creating tensions in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus has been totally ignored by Turkey. EDP reiterates its call on the Turkish Government to fully respect the sovereign rights of all Member States, in accordance with the EU acquis and international law.

Regarding the situation in Cyprus, a European solution necessarily implies the withdrawal of the Turkish army and settlers as well as the abolition of the system of guarantees by the States that are involved, a system that has in the past paved the way for military intervention.

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