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For us it is time to rebuild the Union!

We have a duty to share our European dream with our fellow citizens, sharing values of respect for human dignity, the rule of law, freedom, equality, solidarity and responsibility.

It is time for Democrats to take the lead.

“This is a big opportunity for Europe.”

Sandro Gozi

Ten weeks into the Conference on the Future of Europe, our Secretary General Sandro Gozi took stock of its progress so far. The MEP, who is part of the French Renaissance list, is one of the European Parliament’s delegates to the Conference.

He started out by underlining the unprecedentedness of the Conference on the Future of Europe: “Never in the past have we prepared a European reform with this process of direct citizen participation”, he said. “This is a big opportunity for Europe, a big opportunity for our citizens, a big opportunity for our party, the EDP.”

Looking ahead, he emphasised: “After the summer, work must start in earnest. We have to promote the debate on the future of Europe at a European level, at a national level, and all the national party members of our European Democratic Party must be very active on this – I count a lot on you, I count a lot on the younger members of our political movement - and we have to make this debate as lively and as effective as possible.”

In order to do this, Sandro Gozi said it was crucial that people submitted their ideas on the digital platform which is available in all 24 European languages. “[The platform] is another very important tool to promote our ideas, to ensure that this Conference is going to be a huge political success, for us and for Europe.”

The Conference is a year-long debate uniting delegates of the three European institutions, but also citizens like you and me. You can find out more here.

The digital platform is a tool to participate in or organise events as well as express your opinion on how Europe needs to change. You can access it here.