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Towards a fair minimum salary for all European workers

French MEP and vice-coordinator of the Renew group in the Employment and Social Affairs Committee Sylvie Brunet is pleased that the European Parliament today adopted, by a large majority, the report on employment and social policies in the euro zone, the general guidelines of which reflect the new Assembly's strong interest in moving towards a more social Europe.

This report follows the country-specific recommendations published by the European Commission last June as part of the European Semester. In particular, it highlights the need to combat wage and employment gaps between women and men and youth unemployment, to strengthen access to social protection systems - particularly for precarious workers - as well as training, particularly in the digital age, to reduce poverty and to improve health systems.

Sylvie Brunet welcomed the European Commission's request to present a legal instrument so that every worker in the European Union can benefit from a fair minimum wage while respecting national traditions: "This is a key point in the campaign manifesto of our Renaissance list that a majority in the European Parliament wanted to support. It has been included in Ursula von der Leyen's political guidelines as a priority for the coming legislature. We look forward to the rapid implementation of this commitment.

Concerning platform workers and their working conditions, an issue on which she is also particularly involved, Mrs Brunet said: "While several Member States are individually putting in place national measures in this area, it is time for the European Union to set the course and develop a common approach that will help to give platform workers rights". 

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