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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

Új Kezdet President and Vice-President Opposition candidates for the upcoming General elections in Hungary!

Election rally in Gödöllő

The first round of the primary elections held by the Hungarian democratic opposition was organised in September ending up with a great success for our Hungarian member Új Kezdet. Current MP and Új Kezdet President Krisztina Hohn and Új Kezdet Vice-President Szilárd Gyenes won their constituency’s primary and will be the Opposition common candidate in their constituency.

Following parties Democratic Coalition, Jobbik, LMP – Hungary's Green Party, Momentum Movement, Hungarian Socialist Party and Dialogue for Hungary reached an agreement on 15 November 2020 for the next Hungarian parliamentary elections that will be held in 2022: a common Prime-Minister candidate, a common list and an Opposition candidate in each constituency.

Out of the 106 Hungarian constituencies, 17 additional Új Kezdet backed candidates have been elected as candidates backed by the the Democratic opposition. The turnout exceeded the expectations of the Democratic opposition parties: 8% of the Hungarian voters went to the polls or voted online. The first step of the primary elections is finally over for MP candidates, but a second round will soon be organised to choose the opposition’s Prime Minister candidate amongst these three finalists: Klára Dobrev MEP, Gergely Karácsony (Mayor of Budapest) and Péter Márki-Zay (independent mayor of Hódmezővásárhely).

Several Új Kezdet members and activists volunteered to manage the Opposition primary with the coordination of Istvan Serto-Radics, Új Kezdet vice-president and EDP deputy secretary general. Új Kezdet Presidency members ran their final campaign rally in Gödöllő, a city near to the Hungarian capital accompanied by Péter Márki-Zay.