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US Elections: Trump's victory requires us to find a new ideal

Donald Trump’s election will mark the world for a long time.

First, there is a reality: all around the world, people refuse the established order, from which they feel rejected. But the change they are looking for, they believe to find it in excess, caricatures, rejections and moving backwards. And therein lies the danger.

Two questions arise for all of us: can this choice produce good? And do we accept to go in the direction of the slope? For us, the answer is twice “no”.

No, this bidding war cannot produce good: in history, it has always led to the cruellest disillusions, and often worse, and the first victims are the least-advantaged and the least-protected ones. And no, we do not want to lend ourselves in it, we want to resist.

This requires to voluntarily undertake the profound and necessary change, whose peoples need, those who do not want to support a world on which we could not act. This requires thinking a new world. This requires a break with the hardness of a universe dominated by the exclusive power of money, to question the rise that seems inexorable of inequalities and exclusions. This requires that democracy transforms and outdoes itself, finally becomes honest, giving to everyone access and recognition. Enlightened and worthy of the name leaders have to get out of the closed world in which they are locked up, they have to stop to speaking the language of numbers to start speaking the language of mankind. This requires that they find inside themselves and propose a new ideal.

This challenge is a civic challenge. And we are determined to take it up.

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