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Verhofstadt: "we need to ensure our energy independence"

Lukasz Kohut

The candidate for the presidency of the European Commission Guy Verhofstadt came to Gliwice, Poland, on April 24th, to attend a conference organized by EDP Vice-President Andrzej Potocki.

The ALDE Group leader recalled that Vladimir Putin's attitude in Ukraine was intolerable and that not only Ukrainians had the right to protest for democracy, but the Russian people itself should live in a democracy. We must therefore fight Putin in Russia itself, by supporting his opponents.

The Ukrainian crisis is also an opportunity to demonstrate the need for Europe of uniting to have greater weight in the international scene but also to ensure our energy independence.

Guy Verhofstadt called on Poland to enter the twenty-first century by providing its citizens complete freedom regarding their privacy. "Equality is part of the essential concepts of a modern society based on tolerance," concluded the former Belgian Prime Minister.