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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

Migrations and refugees

Theme - Refugees

A fair and effective fight against the tragedies resulting from illegal immigration is essential.

Europe must adopt fiscal, operational and legal means to act within the framework of a common policy on asylum and immigration. The reception of people fleeing war and persecution in their own countries is one of the core values of our civilisation. The so-called Dublin rules need to be replaced by a permanent mechanism that achieves an equitable distribution of refugees on the basis of economic and social capacities of Member States, in synergy with local authorities and autonomous regions of the European Union. In this respect a single asylum system is essential.

Europe and the international community must be fully committed to the fight against trafficking in human beings. The perpetrators are not merely smugglers but real criminal organisations extending their networks by corruption and the financing of terrorism. We must dismantle these networks and bring those responsible to justice for crimes against humanity while strengthening sanctions against their assets.

Europe cannot think of itself as a fortress closed to the world. But it cannot be open to the four winds, vulnerable to human trafficking. Europe needs a co-development policy with a win-win partnership with our partners, including Africa: it must accept regulated immigration, in cooperation with and not to the detriment of the country of emigration.

Our commitments 

Every day the EDP defends its ideas through various actions and asserts its positions. For example:

  • In the European Parliament: 
    Nathalie Griesbeck and Gérard Deprez, former EDP Member of the European Parliament, have been defending our ideas in the Committee on Civil liberties, Justice and Home Affairs.
  • In our Manifesto: 
    We have been defending these proposals for several years. They were already at the heart of our programme during the European Parliament's 2009 ans 2014 election campaigns.